Headstones & Memorials

    Organising a Headstone or Memorial

    Choosing an appropriate tribute or memorial is one of the most important ways in which we remember loved ones who have passed away.

    When buying a headstone or a memorial for the grave of your loved one, it can be difficult for families to know where to begin. There are many choices of headstone designs, headstone inscriptions and headstone materials from granite, stone, marble etc. We can guide you during each step of the process. 

    We have a dedicated team of specialists within Dublin Cemeteries Trust, who have been designing and creating headstones in Dublin since 1974. From your initial enquiry to completion, we can create a fitting memorial for your loved one with a timeless tribute. 

    All of our pieces are created in our Glasnevin Workshop by a skilled team of stone cutters. Our team there will take you through each cemetery's specific regulations, which protect the unique character and ambience of each particular setting so the headstone design you have selected can be put in place.

    We will guide you with professionalism and compassion, honouring the wishes of the deceased and the sensitivities involved at a difficult time for loved ones. 

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    Headstones & Memorials

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    Uniquely crafted to suit your needs…

    Headstones & Inscriptions

    We supply a broad and varied range of headstones, in many different sizes and designs. Most headstones are in granite, although we also work with other types of stone. We also add new inscriptions to existing headstones or refresh fading inscriptions as required.

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    Headstone Kerbing & Slabs

    Borders surround the perimeter of a grave and give a strong sense of definition and significance to the resting place of a loved one. Slabs are an ornate piece of vertical concrete often placed on an older grave where there will be no further burials. We offer a number of styles and sizes in this area.

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    Grave Accessories

    Angels, plaques and hearts are a popular choice of memorial to accompany an existing headstone or to add something new to a grave.

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    Cremation Urns, Caskets & Keepsakes

    For those who opt to create a memorial space at home or in a place of significance to the deceased, Dublin Cemeteries Trust have an exclusive selection available to purchase - from traditional and contemporary urns to intricately crafted jewellery.

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    Additional Services


    If you would like to have an existing headstone or memorial cleaned, our team will take care of this for you. We use a specialist, environmentally-friendly technique which eliminates dirt and material from the monument without causing any damage or disfiguration.


    We can restore older headstones and memorials which have fallen into disrepair. This service is popular with people who have located ancestors in the older parts of our cemeteries.

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