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The number of people buried in each grave will determine whether a Standard or Extended Search is needed - the results grid will offer the Standard/Extended tickboxes accordingly. Credits can be purchased by adding this to your Cart and are VAT Inclusive and are subject to EU VAT Calculations. This means that the final calculation on your purchase may involve a minor price rounding which may be up or down.

Standard Search

Purchase 3 Credits:

Get the grave number and the details or Cremation info of the deceased person you have selected.

Extended Search

Purchase 8 Credits:
Get grave number and details of the deceased person you have selected as well as details of all others buried in same grave.

Entry Images

Purchase Additional 2 Credits: Show the corresponding entry images from the original registers (where available for burials from 1828 to 1950). 

Note: The book images for Pre-1872 Register records only include name, address, age and grave location.

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