Annual Cemetery Masses

    Wednesday 10th May 2023

    We are happy to announce the return of our onsite Annual Masses this year to facilitate family members and friends who wish to remember loved ones whose final resting place is in one of our cemeteries.

    The masses and remembrance events will be held on the following dates:

    • Blessing of the Angels Plot, Glasnevin Cemetery - 3 PM, May 28th
    • Annual Mass, Palmerstown Cemetery - 3 PM, June 18th
    • Annual Mass, Glasnevin Cemetery - 3 PM, June 25th
    • Annual Mass, Dardistown Cemetery - 3 PM, July 2nd
    • Annual Mass, Newlands Cross Cemetery- 3 PM, July 9th
    If you have queries about the upcoming masses, please feel free to contact us at ''.